Get To Know Jesus For Yourself

Matthew 19:27-30
Get to know Jesus for yourself.

We need to know who Jesus is for ourselves. We have probably heard of him, but we need to know who he is, and we all have a mission. 
We all have at least heard the name Jesus once, in the streets, at home, just anywhere, but knowing who Jesus is and just hearing his name are completely different. Hearing is just that; you heard his name, but have no idea who he is, or what he did. Knowing Jesus is know the fact that he came to the world as a small baby, he spread the word of God, he had 12 disciples, and his main purpose to come to earth was to die for our sins. Knowing Jesus is knowing the facts and his history from the Bible. Since he completed his mission, now we must complete ours.
Every single person on Earth has a mission. Jesus completed his mission by coming and dying for our sins, and now we have to complete our mission before we die. 
We were put on Earth for a purpose, and we need to figure out that purpose so we fulfill our mission. You might be asking what do you get out of completing our mission; we don’t get anything because Jesus didn’t get a reward when he completed his mission. The thought and effort you put into your mission is all for God, and that could possibly gain you the gift of eternal life. 
We need to learn about Jesus for ourselves. We all need to finish our mission just like Jesus did, and we must know about him not just hear about him.