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Prayer Requests

Pray for healing of those that are sick spiritually and physically. Pray for Zion as a hold. Zion lets continue to pray for one another.

Salvation for All Who Believe

Sunday, August 1, lesson title “Salvation for All Who Believe “. Bible Background Romans 10:5-17. Printed Text Romans 10:5-17. Devotional Reading Psalm 19:1-14. Keep in Mind: “For whosoever shall call […]

Justification through Faith

Sunday, July 25, lesson title “Justification through Faith “. Bible Background Romans 5:1-11. Printed Text Romans 5:1-11. Devotional Reading Isiah 53:1-12. Keep in Mind: “Therefore being justified by faith, we […]

The Faith of Abraham

Sunday, July 18, lesson title “The Faith of Abraham”. Bible Background Romans 4. Printed Text Romans 4:1-12. Devotional Reading Genesis 15:1-6. Keep in Mind: “For what saith the scripture? Abraham […]

The Power of the Gospel

Sunday, July 11, lesson title “The Power of the Gospel”. Bible Background Romans 1. Printed Text Romans 1:8-17. Devotional Reading Psalm 71:1-6, 17-24. Keep in Mind: “For I am not […]