God Can Turn It Around

From a Child Perspective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words.

Luke 7:11-16
God Can Turn It Around.

God is there when you are happy, sad, mad, anytime of the day, so if you ever need help you can always turn to him.
God can help turn your life around, and take away all the pain that is causing you harm.
God can help your turn your life around. No matter the condition or situation you in Jesus can turn it around. If you’re persistent with prater, and truly believe God will help you. God is compassionate and will help whenever you think nobody is there for you. If you’ve lost everything, your husband, your child, your house, your family, anything that had important meaning to you, God can come into your life and take away whatever is causing you harm. Let us have God take away our pain.
God can rid all our pain. In the Bible Jesus has done many miracles, and some of those miracles helped someone who felt like they couldn’t continue with living, but when he came he turned their life around, and they were as happy as could be. If you are feeling distressed, don’t worry because soon God will come and turn your life around.