I’m Down But Not Out

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words. )

Lamentations 3:16-26
I’m Down But Not Out

God will be with us through thick and thin and will love us no matter how bad we are, but we need to follow his every direction so we don’t have to experience his tough love. Don’t let God have to put you through pain and suffering to get you to understand what he wants you to do because he doesn’t enjoy hurting you, he loves you so much he willing to do anything to get you back no matter what.
God does not have to send you through hell and back to get you to realize what he trying to tell you. God tells us to do things but some of us are so stubborn that we rather do the complete opposite then what he says, but those things lead to punishment because you decide not to listen. God has all his children attached to him no matter what, so you can walk miles away from God but he can just tug you right back to him. We don’t need to fall away from God because any other path is the wrong way. We will always have God on our side we just need to be on his side.
God loves us with all his heart. Everyone commits a sin in there everyday life, and with every sin we stray further from God’s light, but he stays exactly where he is so we can come back to him anytime. But with sin comes consequences, and it can be from simply hurting your toe, to a cut in the skin, to a fatal injury. God might punish us, but in the end if we are on his side we don’t have to worry about going through any type of pain anymore. God has done much for us to show his love for us and will continue to show us love.
God will always love us until the end of time, so let’s continue to follow his path of light and goodwill. God has and will always love, so let’s not put him or yourself through any type of pain.