Is God Trying To Tell Us Something?

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words. )

Mark 4:9
Is God Trying To Tell Us Something?

God is trying to tell us something, but in order for us to understand he needs all of our attention. Who’s been in our mind, and what’s God trying to tell you.
Who’s been in your ear? Just about everyone on the planet has ears, but everyone listens or understands. We all like to hear things we want to head and say things others say, but God doesn’t want that because that’s just gossiping. When we hear his voice we should stop what we’re doing and put all our attention on his words. God is speaking to all of us everyday, but who is really listening to him; we need to open our ears and listen to the things he saying because we can hear but we’re not willing to listen. God is trying to tell us something.
What is Jesus trying to express to you? Jesus should have our attention 24/7 because If he doesn’t you might miss out on something. We must unclog our ears, so we can hear clearly what he is trying to say.
Because we’re always contained in something else, we block out what Jesus is stating. God is trying to tell us something we just need to listen.
We need to give God our attention, or everything he says goes through one ear; out the other. Do we know what God’s trying to tell us, but if not who’s been in your ear.