Can We Stay Together?

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words. )

1 Peter 3:8
Can We Stay Together?

Jesus has done more for us than himself because he loves us more than you could ever know, so we need to show ourselves worthy of his grace and faith. We need to stay to together for Jesus, and need to show how thankful we are for him because he does everything for us.
Jesus should be a reason we stay together. Jesus came down to this Earth, lived life like a regular human, and then got abused and hung on a cross. I know he didn’t do all of that just so our churches to be divided. Jesus didn’t have to die; he could’ve just asked his father to send him back to heaven, but he loved us so much that’s he didn’t want us to destroy this world so he destroyed himself. We all need to be a follower of Christ because he woke you up this morning, he gave you the oxygen to breathe, he put food on your plates and drinks in your cup. If we all stick together and stick to God’s word; nothing can bring us down.
Jesus does it all for us, so we need to be thankful for all he does. Most of us spend our day complaining on the things we don’t have, the things that didn’t go the way you wanted, the fact that we aren’t like everyone else. But we need to stop complaining because complaining won’t get you what you want or need. We weren’t all made to be exactly the same because if that was so no one would like here on Earth since your just doing the same thing feeling the same way as everybody else. We all have something unique about us, and that is something we need to be thankful for that instead of keeping up with the trend. We need to compare our similarities and talk about our differences because we all should be thankful for our imperfections and differences, so let’s all stick together and worship the one and only father in heaven.
Jesus gives us a lot to be thankful for especially for all of us sticking together because instead of dividing we need to be multiplying. We need to show our thanks to God for he has given us the power to stay together.