God Got Me

From a Child Perspective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words.

Matthew 6:25
God Got Me.

God is with us through the ups and downs, sides to sides, twist and turns , rollercoaster after rollercoaster, so we have no need to be worried because he will meet your spiritual needs and physical needs, and will never have anything happen that doesn’t help you through your life. God will be with you wherever you go, so we just need to let God be God.
God is with you all the time. We may think we are alone at times, but wherever you are so is God. You might say he follows you when you are really following him because those old people you hung out with were probably getting you in trouble. Those old friends used to almost get you sent to jail, they would talk about you behind your back, they would have you take the blame for everything, but when you started following God your whole life turned around. You no longer have to worry about how bad your life might be because God has your back now, so we have nothing to worry about. When we have God with us, we have nothing to be scared of anything but he wouldn’t have anything happen to you that he didn’t want to happen. All of those emotions of fear, consciousness, paranoia, being worried, need to leave your body because if you let God do what he needs to do and listen to what he says I guarantee you’ll make it back home safely.
God has your back, so just let him do what he has to do. We worry about stuff all the time such as; will I’ll be able to pay the bills, am I going to keep my job, when will I be able to eat again, why do I look the way I do, but none of that stuff matters when you have God on your side. He will provide you with all you need, but sometimes with the things you want. We usually search for thing that will temporarily fix how others see us or how we feel about ourselves, but we need to search for what God has in store for US not anybody else. God has our back and would never hurt you or have anyone hurt you.We just need to let God be God because he knows what he doing, and has a purpose for doing it. God will always be with us if we decide to follow him.