I’ve Got a Lot On My Mind

From a Child Perspective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words.

Mark 5:1-13
I’ve Got a Lot On My Mind.

People who aren’t like us are that way because Satan got to them before we could, but that doesn’t mean he can keep them because we have power, power that can get rid of the darkest demons we just need to believe. We push people away that aren’t like us, but if they have demons inside them worship is our weapon to push them away.
We tend to push people away who aren’t like us. Somebody who doesn’t speak the same language, that doesn’t have the same skin tone, we seem to just push them away because they’re not something we are used to. That’s why we need to be like Jesus because instead of pushing people not like him away he pulled them closer to help change for the better. We think people who don’t have the same religion as them are demons, but those are people just like you taking the wrong path, and that probably why they were brought to you. We Christians are on this Earth to tell the world about Jesus and convert toward the ways of the Lord, so we can’t push people away if they were meant to be pulled closer.
Our worship is our weapon. Wether we think it or not we all have power in us, but with that power comes responsibility. We can’t use all our power for ourselves because God gave it to you to help others, so we need to get out and fulfill what God has asked of you. Demons don’t worship because that is one of their, so for us their weaknesses is one of our many strength. Therefore if there is a person in need of directions towards heaven, we will direct them down the right path, and help them get to know him better along the way.
We have the power to get rid of any demons that try to come close to our neighbors and ourselves. Worship is our weapon, so let’s use it to pull people closer than to push them away.