What Do You Do When You Hit Rock Bottom?

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 11 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words.

Genius 37:23-24
What Do You Do When You Hit Rock Bottom?

Have you ever hit rock bottom? If you have, how did you get there? Was it because of your own actions or someone else’s? Hitting rock bottom is the worst place to be on Earth, and most of the time people have no idea how to get up. Were you the cause of your own suffering because you weren’t careful with what you were doing? It could have been someone else you listened to, and you thought it was a good idea so you listened.
Were you the cause of your suffering? You could have been in the best place in your life. You has a nice house, a stable job, and possibly a good personal relationship. Then one day you decide to…let’s say… you killed someone you really disliked, soon you were caught by the police, you are sentenced 40 years in jail. You loose your girlfriend/boyfriend because she/he was scared of you, then you loose your house because you weren’t able to pay any if the bills, you lost your job because you weren’t a good
For the company, and once you get out of jail you are at rock bottom, you have nowhere to live, no job to work, and no one to depend on…well you have one person, GOD, God promised that he will NEVER leave you, nor forget you, and he NEVER breaks his promises. When you believe in the Lord you can find your way up from rock bottom.
Now what if it wasn’t your fault you hit rock bottom, it was someone else. Same scenario, you have a job, house, relationship all that good stuff. You disliked a person and you tell your “best friend,” he/she says,” you should secretly try to kill if you dislike that person that much,” you think this is a good idea, so you try to go with it. Boy you’ve gone messed up AGAIN! You go to jail again, loose your girlfriend/boyfriend, loose your house,loose your job, some more of that good good stuff. You back down to rock bottom, but you still have that ONE person to talk to,God, and he will always be there for you, so whenever you wake up from that cold street, pray to God that you can make it back up, and who knows you can become the poorest man in the world to the richest man on Earth, you just don’t know what God will do.
When we are at rock bottom there is always a way to the top, even if it was or wasn’t your fault there is a way to the top. Therefore when we are trapped in the dark, trust in God to see the light.