Where Are The Peacemakers

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words)

Matthew 5:9
Where Are The Peacemakers?

The peacemakers are supposed to call a truce with there neighbors, and make peace with there enemy’s. What happened to the peacemakers especially at this time, and where are they now?
What happened to the peacemakers now? At this point in time; there is peace. Everywhere you look there is a war going on, and even if it between two people, a group, your family, or even yourself there is still a war going on. Yet there is no one who is willing to go up to those people and ask them what’s wrong, tell them to stop, or to simply pick up there phone and call the police. We just run as far as we can from the situation as possible and have hope that you just made it someone else’s problem. Where are the peacemakers who are willing to fix these situations.
Where could the peacemakers be hiding? You can’t be peaceful unless you make peace with your neighbors. 
If you don’t make peace with the people around you whats the point in getting along. Our peace with one another is what keeps a war between the people of the world. The peacemakers are people who love peace. They create healthy relationships, and they call truces between enemies. We need to be the peacemakers of the world and bring people out of the dark side and into the light.
We need to make peace with everyone. Where are the peacemakers, and what happened to them?