Where Are The Prayer Warriors

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words)

Luke 22:31-32
Where Are The Prayer Warriors?

Prayer warriors pray for those in need, but now there aren’t so many people like that. We need prayer in our current situation, but we also need to be careful because the devil will try and pull you away.
We need to pray for what’s happening in the present. In our current date we encounter all types of situations. You might see a homeless person begging for money, a person smoking on the side of a store, people out on public fighting, etc. We need to pray for those people because most people don’t have it easy. We need people willing to provide for other in their time of need, and show themselves as a child of God. We need people to pray for others in there situation.
The devil always looks for an opportunity to take you away from God. The devil despises God and wants us to be on his side. Jesus prays that you will stay on the light side of the field, and hopes that never in your life will you turn your life on God. Something so horrible might happen in your life, and will start to question why this and that, but knows that God is on your side and he wants you to trust him that everything going on is for a reason and you cannot turn away. If you just pray, God can fix your heart break. Jesus is always praying for your good being, so we need to bounce back after a set back, so just remember your never alone cause God is right by your side. 
We can never turn our back on God after all he has done for us. The devil might be lurking around, but God is right by yo