Are We Losing Our Cool

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words)

Luke 22:24-32
Are We Losing Our Cool?

Satan wants to get in our heads and ruin everything, but we have God’s power on our side and that the strongest power of all. We loose control of ourselves all the time, but we can’t have Satan enter our lives
We all loose our cool everyday. Anger can come in all types of ways such as someone stealing your stuff, somone is “trying to be like you”, or for something as crazy as someone wearing what you’re wearing. Sometimes people take it a bit out of control, and others get hurt wether it’s verbally or physically. The devil can always get in even if the door is just a bit cracked u
Open. When the devil is in he can ruin so many relationships. The devil’s conquest is to ruin God’s people anyway, and he has already taken so many people.
Satan is always trying to invade people’s lives. He is everywhere at the right time ready to take the place of God. We aren’t supposed to let him in because God made us strong enough to turn away from Satan, but people give up on God’s word and let Satan in that when you see people killing, stealing, cheating, and non justice. If we ever do by any chance let Satan, we just have to remember that God is on our side, and we have spiritual power. We follow the person who has taken care of us since we were born till when we die, the person who let his son be born and die for our sins, the person who will give us eternal life and happiness. God will give what we need while the devil will give us nothing.
We need to follow after God’s example for he is perfect. The devil will try to slip into our lives, but we can’t let him just because we’re angry