Are You Spiritually Blessed?

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words)

Isaiah 12:1-4
Are You Spiritually Blessed?

We hold grudges all the time, so we need to be glad God isn’t like us because he willing to forgive us no matter what.
Have you ever held a grudge? There are many people that hold grudges, and different people are on different levels of holding a grudge. People hold grudges for years, some for days, and others for like an hour. Sometimes people would act out on their grudges, so we need to be glad that’s God doesn’t hold grudges. Knowing that we sin everyday, we should be happy knowing that God so doesn’t hold it against us because if he did none of us would be able to step a tiny toe into heaven. We hold grudges all the time, but God has so much mercy that no matter how far you are from his hands he’ll be able to reach you if you still have faith in him and yourself.
God is your salvation so it good he is filled with mercy. Everyone else’s opinion holds no wait when it comes to God’s opinion. In the end his feelings are the only one that matter anyway, so it a great thing that he is able to forget things you ask forgiveness for even though we remember every bad thing that has ever happened to us. We need to appreciate God more for everything we have done to him but he has never given us anything we didn’t deserve. God’s love for us is the main reason we haven’t gone extinct.
God will forgive you for anything no matter how bad you think it is. God has so much mercy that even if your miles away from his reach he is still holding you up. If he willing to forgive over 2 billion people’s sins we should at least forgive one person.