Can You Stand The Rain

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words)

Matthew 7:24-27
Can You Stand The Rain?

When you build something you have to have a strong foundation, and if you don’t all your hard work will crumble. We are all building something, but what is it we are building on?
What are we building on? We are building something, and what we build it on is important. We cannot build on something that is not stable or what you are building will fall. You can’t build a house on sand and expect to stay; but if you build your house on rock the rock is strong enough to keep your house the way it is. In order to find a stable place to build on you need to think positively. When we think negatively, we will just build on anything we think will work, but if we think positively we will use our heads to find the right place to continue building.
We are all building something. When we build something good , we know the we are going in the right direction. Good things are happening and your life is great, but what will happen when the rain comes. If you built on something stable you should be able to to continue living your great life and praise God, but if you made a mistake to build on a non stable surface and everything you built has fell apart. Will you just break down and stay miserable, or will you learn form your mistakes and continue to praise God. You have to stay positive even if there are negativity around you, and you can build something completely new even if negative things happened; the past is the past, you can’t change it, so continue to live positive because there are enough negative people. 
Build on something stable and live a positive life. We are all building something, and what are we building on?