Have we taken our eyes off the star?

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 11 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words.

Matthew 2:10
Have we taken our eyes off the star?

Christmas is over, and we are getting ready for the New Year. Most of the Christmas decorations have been taken down, we been back home from our trips, we have opened all the presents, but that beautiful star is still shining. Since the day Jesus was born the star has been shining and we have been letting that star guide us through our life. You are probably thinking, how does a little star in the night shy guide us through our life, Jesus is that star and he personally makes out how our life is going to be, and his star guides and helps you. That’s why we should never take our eye off the star because it’s like walking away from Jesus.
Jesus will always be by our side and never leave us in the dark, and follow you through your life, so you are never alone. Jesus has promised to never leave you and he never breaks his promises, so we need to let him guide us.
Not only will Jesus follow you he will be there to help you through the way because he won’t just walk with you and do nothing like regular people would do. He going to guide you through the obstacles that come along for life isn’t just a smooth road for there are bumps along the way. We can’t every do anything alone, and we don’t have to since we have that bright star to guide us along the way, so we don’t end up on the wrong side. We will always have that light to light the way.
We all have been somewhere that was dark and you had to use something to light a path. Let’s say that the dark is you trapped in your mind, you are just walking but you have no idea where you are or where you are going, now that light is Jesus, a light appears by your side and you let that light guide you as it lights your path, now you have reached the end you are in heaven and it’s the best, you are overwhelmed with joy, and extremely happy that you were able to find that light to help guide. We can never look away from that’s light or you could lose it, so let not.