Revival! The Movie

Posted by Kevin Yarbrough on Saturday, April 11, 2020

EASTER! EASTER! EASTER! Hey FB family! I am inviting you to join the Largest Online Christian Movie Watch Party to celebrate Easter with our WONDERFUL film, REVIVAL! YEP, I’m in it. All up in it!
Since we can’t celebrate with our friends & family at church this year, congregations across multiple denominations will join together tomorrow to share the good news of the Ressurection of Jesus Christ tomorrow at 3:00pm ET (or any time that works for you tomorrow). The film, REVIVAL!, is part Broadway play, part gospel musical & all Gospel of John & features a powerful multicultural cast. Join thousands of others for the watch party at Live Q&A following on FB Live at 5:00 On ET. Happy Easter y’all! #eastersunday2020

Feel free to pass it on. Tell a friend, family, REPOST at your leisure. Tomorrow… EASTER SUNDAY, Join us for the REVIVAL!!