What’s Your Report?

From a Child Prospective By Mackenzie Ware, 12 years old. ( This is what she received from Sunday message in her own words)

Numbers 13:31-33
What’s Your Report?

Your report is basically your testimony, or your report card for your life. Our report is what it is going to be and will never change, and we need to honor God’s decision. 
Your report is what it is. If you haven’t done something to try to change the bad things on your report, than your report is going to stay the way it is. If we have a dream, and hope to go to heaven, we first have to focus on our report. We need to watch what we do and what we say because our actions can affect our dreams. You need to be careful on who you tell your dream to because there are people who will tell you otherwise.
God’s decision is his decision, and there’s nothing you can do. When be promises to do something he will do it because he has NEVER broken any of his promises. So we can’t tell him when he says something that he can’t do it. 
God can do anything, and everything he does is for a reason, so when we say something he does isn’t right that’s just embarrassing. Those people who don’t believe God is going to do as he says, they just don’t have enough faith to trust in God. Those people try to bring you down to there level, but we don’t let them and we keep our faith in God. 
God is the one true person we can trust, so trust in him. When God makes his finally decision there is no changing it, so what ever your report is that’s what it’ll will be.